Almost Healed

I have been sick for the past week and a half and it really sucks since I haven’t been able to stream during that time. I think it’s finally almost over though which is great…but it took so long! Hoping Monday I can start streaming again and working out.

I also need to start updating this site more…I just never know what to talk about. 

I got an Elgato HD60 Pro the other day and set it up. It works amazingly! I’m looking forward to not using PS4 Remote Play anymore and I look forward to streaming the Nintendo Switch as well. I pre-ordered Nintendo Switch and Zelda: Breath of the Wild so I’m excited. I am also pre-ordering Horizon Zero Dawn! I think what I will be doing is playing Horizon Zero Dawn right when it comes out and if I’m not done with it by the time Switch and Zelda come out, I will be juggling the two games until I beat Horizon Zero Dawn. I can’t wait to stream both of the games!

I hope everyone is having an awesome weekend!

  • Grumdormark

    I should have a Elgato HD60 Pro, somewhere…. actually would like to at least record my Zelda adventures. Got everything in pre order like an hour after the Nintendo presentation haha. Might be moving at that time though so will have to wait and see. But look forward to watching your streams of it if you are not way ahead that is! 😉

    Happy to hear you are doing better. Enjoy the weekend!