Humble Bundle Partner!

I am now a Humble Bundle Partner! If you shop at Humble Bundle at all, here’s my link! 0

Now on Broadcastick

Broadcastick is now making sticker packs for streamers so viewers can support their favorite streamers and get some cute stickers in the process. They let me help test it out so I now have some adorable stickers for sale. Check them out at                   +1

“How Do You Get More Viewers?”

“How do you get more viewers?” I’ve had a lot of people ask me this question and I always answer back with a similar answer every time. Then I got to thinking…why don’t I write about it a little? I am in no way shape or form a big streamer. I am a small time streamer and content creator but …

I am now on Gawkbox

I started using Gawkbox a couple days ago and so far I really like what it has to offer. I am glad that there are options out there that allow people to support their favorite streamers and content creators without having to spend money. Since I just started using it, I have created a contest that anyone is welcome to …