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So after talking to the hubs for a while it looks like I am going to start streaming with a schedule again. I miss streaming more consistently but I’ve been busy with other things and I was sick with a summer cold for a while…but I’m feeling better now. You can find me on Beam at šŸ˜€


I have a Stream Schedule on my site but here’s what I am aiming for:

Monday: 12PM-4PMĀ EST
Tuesday: 12PM-4PMĀ EST
Wednesday: 12PM-4PMĀ EST
Thursday: 12PM-4PMĀ EST
Friday: 12PM-4PMĀ EST

If something comes up, I will announce it on Twitter so make sure to follow me there as well <3

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    Ooh…a gaming forum! šŸ˜€

    • What do you mean?

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    I forgot that you still post here too.

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