Now on Threadless

So I just launched my Threadless shop. :O More designs coming soon.

Monday Stream Schedule Change

I will no longer be streaming at 1PM EST on Mondays since Mario Monday happens every Monday at 9PM EST so I will be streaming at that time instead.

Menu Update

I went ahead and updated my menu a little bit to include a Support Maeka section. I also reorganized some of the links since I had a few. 

March 12th: 2 Year Beamiversary & 12H Extra Life Stream!

So March 12th (this Sunday!) is my 2 year Beamiversary. I will be celebrating my Beamiversary by doing a 12 hour Extra Life stream! I’ll probably be starting around 11AM EST. I hope to see you guys there!   What is Extra Life? I am streaming in support of Levine Children’s Hospital. You can find me on Beam and here is …