Well I did it. After weeks of me not really wanting to log into FFXIV…I have cancelled my sub. I just need a break from the game. Keeping my Endwalker preorder since I plan on coming back when that drops.

I’ve noticed for the past few weeks I only logged in to water my crops and send my retainers back out. I haven’t really felt like doing much in game outside of that. I’ve been pretty busy with creating YouTube content and finding other hobbies to focus on lately and since we’re fully vaccinated now, we’ve been hanging out with our friends. I still don’t want to go anywhere though…especially since the mask and social distancing mandates are basically gone. We were driving around today and I saw people going in and out of businesses with no masks and I saw a few swap meets where there were a lot of people and they were close to each other. I’m still too nervous to be around people I don’t know so we’re sticking to being around our friends.

I know I’m getting off topic a bit. I’ve been playing FFXIV for over three years now and it’s been a great adventure but until Endwalker comes out I think I want to take some time off from the game. I’m going to miss raiding and doing stuff in game with friends but I just feel burned out and I can’t justify spending $27 (yep retainers) a month on something I am not actively playing. Think I’m going to work on finishing more games while I wait for the new expansion to come out since I have a huge backlog. So much to play, not enough time.

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