Disqus Added

So because I love Disqus, I decided to add it back to my site. Used to have it before I revamped my whole site and then forgot about it…I know, bad me. But yeah it’s back!

No Episode Today

Sorry I won’t be doing an episode for today…sadly there’s a lot going on around here and I will be out of the house for most of the day.

Maeka on Ello

Yep you can now find me on Ello! If you’re on Ello make sure to let me know, currently looking for friends on there 😀

Pokemon TCG Online!

So today I remembered that the Pokemon TCG Online game came out on iPad the other day and finally got around to downloading it. Man, brings back memories! I used play Pokemon TCGs a lot…the actual cards, the Gameboy Color version, and I used to do Pokemon TCG leagues at Borders…good days indeed. It is so nice to play it …

Extra Life Around The Corner

It’s now October and Extra Life is around the corner! I will be streaming on October 25th and 26th (12 hours each day) in order to raise money for Levine Children’s Hospital. Make sure to spread the word and come on by! I will be streaming different games and doing some giveaways so definitely stop by my channel!