Bbands Campaign

My bbands campaign is live! I need to get 15 pre-orders by Jan 15th to make it happen. Thanks to you guys we only have 8 more to go! 

Applied for Beam Partnership

I know it’s been a while since I updated this blog…but I didn’t really have any news until now. Last night after talking to my mods, I decided to announce publicly that I have applied for Beam partnership. I passed the first round and now they will be watching me for the next two weeks so they can get to …

Which Avatar Do You Like More?

I’m trying to figure out which avatar I like better…please let me know which one you like more!   #1     #2      #3     Vote here:

Earning on the Side

So I’ve been searching for ways I could earn a little cash on the side so I could put it towards more stuff like gaming and electronics and stuff. Here are a couple things I found so far: MyPoints You can earn cash for doing things like surveys, find coupons, do searches, play games, watch videos, shop, and so on. …