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Great Game, Chapter 2 Needs Balancing
My husband and I and a few friends have been playing this game for a while now. We’re level 21. We loved Chapter 1 and couldn’t wait for Chapter 2 to come out but now…it looks like we’re sticking to Chapter 1 for the most part.

I like the small quality of life updates that got added. The baseplates now show the player’s color so it stands out from the others and the cards are now more defined. I spent a lot of time looking at the subtle changes on my cards as I was playing. I also like how the bosses are a bit more challenging with the Berserk state they go into when their HP is low. It really makes you scramble to ignore everything else around you and kill the boss before you get murdered. I’m also glad that Assassins can’t one shot the bosses anymore. It now takes some strategy to take them down instead of having your Assassin collect as many coin toss cards as they can so they just have to find the boss and that’s the end of the game. Also as a Hunter main, thank you for the extra card slot!

I like the concept of Chapter 2 with the lower visibility and have to use more strategy to get around. The problem is if our visibility is low, the mobs should have the same disability. I can’t count how many times we were shot by elementals and archers from who knows where. If we can’t see more than a few squares in front of us, they shouldn’t be able to either.

Then there’s the constant spawning. Mobs spawn anywhere where it is dark meaning we could kill something and then have something spawn a couple squares behind us the next turn because we can’t see those squares. I think there should be a limitation as to how close mobs can spawn to the players. Especially when it comes to the 2nd floor…we are generally stuck in the same area for a long time since we take one step forward and then two steps back. Or make it to where when we drop a torch, it doesn’t expire after 9 turns. This way it would let us control the respawn rate behind us while we keep moving forward.

Generally when it comes to games, the chapters are supposed to get progressively harder. In this case it went from easy to very hard. If this is how the trend is going to be, I don’t even want to attempt Chapter 3. We managed to get through Chapter 2 once however it took us over 3 hours to do it and it required people to leave the game and come back because we had a couple people time out from too many deaths.

One other thing I noticed is that Chapter 2 really makes ranged characters useless. I normally use the Hunter and on this floor I’m considering switching to an Assassin just so I can be more useful. It feels like unless the torches don’t expire, both the Hunter and the Sorcerer are classes to avoid in this Chapter.

I also noticed that when you complete Chapter 2, you get the same amount of XP as you do in Chapter 1. With how long it takes to beat Chapter 2 and how frustrating it is in its current state, I think Chapter 2 should reward more XP for finishing it. Since it gives the same amount of XP as Chapter 1, there’s really no point in doing Chapter 2 more than once.

I also wish there was a way to save a session and pick it up again later with your friends. Some games can last anywhere from an hour to 3+ hours and I wish there was a way for us to save the game and continue where we left off just so we can take a break.

Really hope the devs balance out Chapter 2 a little. It has potential to be a really good chapter and I like that it is a bit more difficult than Chapter 1 but right now it’s not balanced and only the players are being punished by the limitations of sight while the monsters can see across the board through objects no problem.


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