Even though the past few Harvest Moon games have just been recycled characters and scenarios I decided to give the new Harvest Moon game a shot since I found out that they finally created new characters. It had some interesting concepts like being able to pick up and move your farm to different places and that you could find seeds in the wild instead of buying them but it still didn’t work for me. They also added a few feature where you could get hybrid crops by putting certain crops together.

I think the map was just too big. It was nice being able to teleport around but I’m old school and prefer the one town concept. I want my farm to not move but have a decent amount of land to do stuff with and then just live in one town. It got overwhelming trying to keep my farm moving with me in places I didn’t want to live just so I can be close to where I was working on the quest.

I didn’t like that you burned stamina even just by walking around. I understand it’s more realistic but I like to run around and explore and collect stuff but when I have to manage my energy to accommodate that too, I started exploring less and less.

I also noticed that out of all the NPCs in the game, the only ones who had names and identities were the bachelors/bachelorettes and a couple NPCs that were involved with them. Besides that the NPCs were generic NPCs like Excited Man and things of that nature. It really took away from the immersion of the game. Like oh we didn’t feel like creating a bunch of supporting characters so here are some placeholders.

Overall I’m glad Natsume got away from what they’ve done over and over again and had some interesting new ideas however it just didn’t work for me.


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