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Love the Story of Seasons series and Pioneers of Olive Town was no exception. I just finished beating the story but I’ll be playing this game for a lot longer because there’s so much to do in it and they’re still adding content to the game.

One thing I wish we could do is upgrade our machines to process more stuff at once because I have a ton of machines all over my farm.

I wish I could hire people to work my farm as well or have my spouse/kid help out with some chores.

I’m so glad that the Story of Seasons franchise sticks to not overwhelming me with so many places to visit. There’s my farm, a few areas around my farm to unlock and expand it, the town itself, and then a couple small towns from DLCs. I like being able to talk to everyone in town and still have time to get stuff done around my farm.

I’m also glad that time doesn’t go by so fast like in some other games….cough Harvest Moon cough. I can get a lot done in a day and if I run out of stuff to do (which I never do) I could just go to bed early.

Love the game and I can’t wait to see what else they add to it! In the meantime I still need to finish upgrading my house, figure out who I really want to marry and have a kid.


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