I was born and raised in Kugane so I’ve spent most of my life there. Only recently did I leave Kugane for the first time and found out just how different things are away from home. But that’s a story for another day.

My parents were also born and raised in Kugane. I don’t know how far back it goes but there’s been a few generations of Amaya’s born in Kugane. My parents were neighbors ever since they were little so they grew up together and started dating at a young age. When my father was still a kid, he helped out at his family’s restaurant which my mother loved hanging out at. She used to sit at the bar and watch him work which grandpa wasn’t that happy about since my father was always distracted by her. Eventually my grandpa made my mom start working there too just so she wouldn’t be constantly distracting him.

My mom enjoyed working at the restaurant. Once my parents got married, my grandma began teaching her a lot of the recipes that were handed down from mother to daughter. I’m willing to bet that list has grown a lot over the generations since a few have added their own secret recipes to the list. I haven’t yet but I’m hoping to someday, when I finally open my own restaurant. My mom has already passed down a lot of recipes but I know there’s more still. Maybe once I open my restaurant she will tell me more of them since I’ll be in Kugane more often again.

I’m getting off topic again aren’t I? Um…well there’s not much more to the story. After they got married, I came along. Once I was a little older my grandparents let my parents take over the restaurant. They ended up taking a nice vacation away from Kugane for a while and then now they just hang out at the restaurant while my parents run the place. I basically lived in the restaurant since they did as well.

I think I’ll leave my childhood for another day though. I need to start cooking dinner for a bunch of hungry Sky Wolves and hopefully some paying customers too. Until next time!

~ Maeka Amaya


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