Maeka is the daughter of a well known chef in Kugane where she learned to cook and mix drinks for the family owned restaurant/bar.

She met the love of her life while going to school however after dating for about three years, he moved to Limsa Lominsa to do some studying and they lost touch.

One day when she read a letter from her childhood friend, she decided to leave Kugane to check up on her and pursue her dreams of becoming a Conjurer without telling her father since he didn’t approve.

The Sky Wolves took her in, gave her a room and put her to work. She’s now one of the cooks so she spends most of her time in the kitchen while the others go out on missions except one mission which was going to take a few days so she came along to keep them fed. During this mission she managed to knock out a rogue with a frying pan.

She is now a full fledged Conjurer as well. Every week she made the trip to Gridania and stayed at her apartment while she studied hard and graduated as a Conjurer. Maybe now she won’t feel so useless on missions and can help make a difference in the Sky Wolves.

She also managed to find her lost love again one day in Ul’dah. After a while they started secretly dating whenever they could find the time between his studies and her Conjurer training and soon after they got married. They currently stay together in her room at the Vagrant’s Repose but she’s aiming to open a sushi bar & inn in Kugane which would be their home away from the tavern.


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