I don’t even know where to begin with the mission we just completed. We just got back last night and I went straight to my room and collapsed. I was soaked to my bones, exhausted, miserable, and drained from using aether. Thankfully there wasn’t any casualties but it could have gone better. Now that I’ve rested and showered I think I have some energy to talk about how it went.

Our captain Ganbaatar managed to get two contracts for us in hopes of getting some gil since we recently redid our kitchen and bar but we still needed supplies before we could open the tavern. We were divided into two groups and made our preparations to depart. My group was in charge of going to Eastern Thanalan to find a merchant company’s crashed airship and salvage what we can for them. Seemed like an easy search mission…boy was I mistaken.

We arrived at Camp Drybone while the sun was out and the weather was warm. So far it seemed like everything was going well and even the weather was on our side. After we purchased some supplies and fastening them to our Chocobos, we headed out towards our destination.

We weren’t even halfway there before it started raining hard. Our Chocobos ruffled their feathers complaining about the change in weather and I could see spirits fall around me. We were already briefed that the airship was below some cliffs so we would have to climb down but now that it’s raining, it was going to complicate things. We hoped for the best.

Nala climbed down first to assess the situation however the ship screaked under her feet. She found the door to get inside but it was rusted shut. Gan went down to help Nala find a way to open the door. I thought I was helping by throwing my chef knife down so she could pry the door open however the knife ended up in Henri’s leg while he was climbing down…definitely not my finest moment. Then Nala ripped the knife out of his leg so she could use the knife before we pulled Henri back up to tend to him. Once he got back up the cliff he pulled out his gun and told us that if anyone came near him, he’d shoot. Maxia and I decided to stay by the Chocobos and let Henri tend to his wound. I offered to help but there was no way he’d let me come near him.

It’s not like the knife helped anyone anyway. Soon after the ship siding crumbled beneath Nala and she fell into the dark. Gan jumped down to find her as a shriek filled the air. The shriek was not Nala.

Gan saw an adolescent Zu come towards them who looked pretty hungry. He tried to fight it off but the Zu was persistent. Both Meeko and I climbed down to help which was difficult for me since I am afraid of heights…but I wasn’t going to let that stop me. I tried putting the creature to sleep but it wasn’t that effective. Luckily it still was enough to make the Zu drowsy allowing Gan to strike it down.

After things calmed down I used my staff’s light to help others scavenge the ship and get back up the cliffside. Overall injuries were minor and we succeeded in getting what we needed for the merchant but that’s the last time I pick the mission that seemed like a cakewalk. Obviously the merchant left out a few things about the airship…regardless I’m glad we all made it back in one piece.

~ Maeka Amaya


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