After thinking about it for a while, I have decided to move back to Twitch. I’ve been weighing the pros and cons for quite some time and after talking about it with some friends and saying my thoughts out loud, it seems like Twitch is more suited for my content and I.

I have been streaming to Trovo for about 10 months now and I do like the platform. Especially being able to co-stream. That’s one of the biggest things I missed from Beam/Mixer and it will be the biggest thing I will miss from Trovo however after 10 months of being on the platform, I have noticed that 95% of the people who show up to my streams are all people who I have known since before Trovo. Then about 4% of the people who come in only come in for treasure chests and then I never see them again. I’ve only met a handful of people from the platform who actually stuck around and chatted for a bit. I stream to have fun and meet new people. I don’t care about numbers, I care about meeting new people. I feel like on Trovo I just haven’t really been able to do that.

About 4 months ago I had an incident on Trovo that I’ll never forget. I ran into an issue on Trovo and put in a support ticket to get some help. Hosting didn’t seem to be working the way I expected it to. Didn’t get a response so I went to Twitter and tagged Trovo and asked for support. No response so I went to their Discord to try and get support. No response. After a month of submitting tickets, posting on Twitter, and posting in their Discord I finally had enough and I tagged the staff in Discord hoping to get support. Someone finally responded to me just to tell me my issue was working as intended and that it sounds like I’m requesting a feature (say what now?) so I needed to post to a different channel to ask for it. I explained that it seemed to be a bug because it wasn’t working as advertised on the site and someone else I know also got involved trying to help explain it as well. The Trovo staff member ended up deleting all of our messages about the matter and I got warned for abusing the tag feature in Discord. I complained about it on Twitter and another Trovo staff member actually reached out to me and explained how the issue I was seeing wasn’t an issue and how it was supposed to work. Now if only it didn’t take a month to get an answer.

Now don’t get me wrong. Twitch takes a while to get back to people too. I understand that. However when they respond, they are professional and don’t abuse their power the way the Trovo staff do in Discord. My incident wasn’t the only incident I’ve seen or heard about. I’ve heard other people have similar problems talking to Trovo staff in their Discord. I’m not sure if it’s because of a language barrier or what but it’s pretty bad seeing how they treat people who need help.

The other thing I’ve been thinking about is my content itself. I’ve been streaming a lot of Lost Ark and Final Fantasy XIV lately however I used to stream a lot of indie games. When I was on Beam/Mixer and Twitch, I used to get keys from developers to share their games all the time and I loved it. I love exploring new games and sharing them however moving to Trovo has stopped that. Most companies want to work with people who stream to either Twitch or YouTube which I understand 100%. This has been in the back of my mind the whole time I’ve been on Trovo and have been hoping that maybe more companies will work with Trovo eventually but I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.

I’ve also been dabbling in painting and diamond art more lately and would love to share that with people but Trovo doesn’t have an audience for non gaming categories. Then again Trovo doesn’t really recognize non gaming categories since they don’t include them in the Trovo 500. That part doesn’t bother me since I’ve never aimed to get into the Trovo 500 but since it is a thing, most others who do non gaming activities don’t really stream to Trovo hence why there isn’t much of an audience for it. I’ve been mainly just recording my art sessions but I would really like to stream them so I can hang out while I do them.

I’ve been restreaming to Trovo, Twitch, and YouTube for a little bit but I’ve never liked restreaming. I feel like I’m stretching myself thin and it’s just too much for me to follow. Also streaming to three platforms means three times the issues. I haven’t been restreaming for long and I keep running into issues with Restream not liking one thing or another. I’m glad that it’s an option people can use, it’s just not for me.

Starting tomorrow I will be streaming only to Twitch. If you use Twitch and don’t follow me there yet, my channel is I hope to see you there! If you are subbed to me on Trovo, I understand if you cancel your sub since I won’t be streaming there anymore. Thanks again for your love and support!


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