As you know I took a few months off of streaming this year because I really needed a break. I’ve been streaming for about four years on Mixer and about eight years overall and it’s become a part of my life. It’s something I love doing because I get to meet so many amazing people and I enjoy sharing my gaming experiences and hanging out.

However before I took a break I started feeling exhausted and overwhelmed with things going on outside of streaming, and with streaming. I started feeling like I had to push the live button not because I wanted to but because I needed to. I also started feeling like I was forcing myself to work on getting through games instead of just enjoying myself and playing what I felt like playing that day. Streaming was no longer fun and I needed to play games for myself again.

I started streaming again last week and it feels good to be back. Instead of finding stuff to fit my stream schedule I’m now just taking what I’m already doing and streaming it which is a different experience for me right now. I currently am very active in Final Fantasy XIV and I do a lot of things with my guild so I decided that I wanted to share that with everyone for now. Now my schedule fits what I do instead of trying to fit things into my schedule.

At some point I plan on streaming other games too however those will be outside of my stream schedule. I want to work on games when I feel like it and I’ll stream them when I do. I’ll post an announcement on Twitter beforehand in case people want to see the playthrough of that game.

In other news we’ve been doing alright with everything going on. I’ve been pretty exhausted and stressed and anxious but I’m managing. I’m so grateful that my husband can work from home and I’m glad I can get everything we need delivered. The furthest I’ve gone in the past couple months is my mailbox and my balcony. I’ve been hanging out with my neighbors from afar which has been nice too. We all get on our balconies and hang out so this way we’re all safe but get to socialize.

Next month if everything works out, I’ll finally be getting my corgi. I am so excited and can’t wait! I really hope this time I can actually get him. We definitely have the time to raise and train a dog right now and I would love some company. Once I get my photo album up on the site I’ll add some photos of him. He’s currently one month old and adorable!

Hopefully I can find time to write more on my site because the last time I had a site I didn’t keep up with it that well. I want this site to be a catch all site for me with all of my hobbies like gaming and streaming but I also want to get back into painting, taking pictures of things, and maybe even start doing some creative writing again. Who knows…we’ll see.

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