Opinions on Alice: Madness Returns

I beat Alice: Madness Returns a few years ago and I really enjoyed it. I’m normally not that big on platformers (I am horrible at them) however the unique style of Alice: Madness Returns really appealed to me. The story is very dark and twisted and it drew me in.

Alice: Madness Returns is a psychological horror platformer about Alice who believes that she was responsible for a fire that destroyed her home and family. She lands herself in a twisted orphanage under the care of a psychiatrist who tries to make his patients forget their memories  however Alice continues to suffer from hallucinations of Wonderland.

If you enjoy platformers and a challenge, I recommend checking out Alice: Madness Returns. I know I found myself dying a lot…but I still loved it. Then again you’d probably have better luck than I since I’m not good at platformers. I won’t spoil the story however be aware that this is a pretty dark and twisted story and it’s definitely not for everyone.

You can find my walkthrough of the game on YouTube.