After taking a year and a half ish off from streaming I’ve decided to start streaming again. I definitely missed streaming however it’s been hard to find the time to stream since my husband has been working from home since COVID started and he’s always on conference calls or in meetings so I have to be quiet. Doesn’t help that lately he’s been working 12 hour days as well.

I know I could stream in the evenings however by the time he gets off of work and I finish cooking dinner, I have no energy to put towards streaming. I don’t sleep well, I’m on medication that causes drowsiness, and I am unable to have caffeine much so I’m a zombie by the time I’m done with dinner.

That’s why I got back into making videos instead. It’s convenient that I can do it whenever I can find a little time and I can record the content while the husband is working and just add audio later if need be. I can schedule videos to be released on YouTube so this way I can stick to a schedule with releasing new videos, but make videos whenever I can get some time to do them. It definitely satisfied my want to make content but I still missed streaming.

I did a test stream on YouTube and on Trovo and have decided I want to start streaming on Trovo. The main reason why I decided to use Trovo as my platform is because a lot of my friends are on there. I wasn’t going to entertain Twitch because I don’t like what they’ve done with the platform. I don’t like watching streams on Twitch because ads plague streams now. I can’t count how many times an ad popped up during a stream and caused me to miss whatever was happening during that timeframe. It annoys me to no end. I was considering YouTube since I’m trying to grow that channel currently so I can expand my reach and work with more developers. Plus since videos are my focus, I figured it might be beneficial to stream there to continue that growth. My test stream to YouTube wasn’t bad at all but I feel like Trovo is a better fit for me due to the features they offer and will be offering soon (COSTREAMS YAY), and my friends who call Trovo home.

I still won’t be streaming as much as I used to due to my husband’s crazy schedule so for now I’m aiming to stream Saturday/Sunday from 1PM-4PM ET. I figure this way I have a set schedule, it won’t interrupt my husband’s work since he has the weekend off, and I can start hanging out with everyone again. I missed streaming.

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