Groceries & Gaming

Alright think it’s time to hunt for more logs in Trove while I wait for my groceries to get delivered this morning…also I think coffee is just around the corner…*turns on her Keurig* alright! After my groceries get delivered I will then work on my Failing with Style episode for The Witcher and then probably back to Trove. >.>

New Trove Screenshots

Yep, went a little crazy with screenshots. Such a cute game 😉 Cute cat eats 😀 This place looks neat I have a halo! That is a cactus…. Train! Another shot of the train. Yes that is a plunger on my head. Lamp!

Back to Trove

So today I decided to give Trove another chance. I played it for a tiny bit during alpha but got bored quick…I’m liking the changes to the game so far. Not sure how long I will play this game…but if I can get the hubby interested in it tomorrow, then I’ll definitely play for a while. We shall see! By …