A couple weeks ago a few of us went to a spa in Kugane called The Esuna. It was a much needed break for me since I’ve been busy cooking up a storm from morning until night for the past few days. I was working on catering a big get together and I swear I didn’t see the sun for about three days.

Ganbaatar, Meeko, Henri, and I arrived at the spa however Ganbaatar decided to not come in. He missed out on a great massage. Once we went in, we ran into an almost naked Roe who introduced herself as Shante, a drag queen.

Once we got downstairs into the spa, I found out that Shante was taking a break from work since it’s been very busy. I didn’t blame her one bit, especially since I was doing the same. She seemed very interested in our tavern’s grand opening which was coming up soon and I told her I’d contact her once we had a date.

Meeko was the first to get a massage and he came back pretty relaxed. Shante was next so while she was getting a massage, Meeko and I chatted a bit. Meeko told me about how his training was going including how hard Gan and Loet have been on him. Makes sense why he wanted to get a massage.

When Shante returned, she let us know that if we had to pass gas, to do it before the massage since it’s so relaxing. I raised an eyebrow at her before I went upstairs to get a massage. The stairs were polluted with the smell of sage the masseuse burned to cover up a horrible smell. I had a feeling it had something to do with Shante.

The masseuse was really nice and we had a great conversation while I got my massage. She talked about her loved one and how she hoped one day they would get married. I hope she gets the wedding she always wanted.

After my massage we all paid, headed out, and went our separate ways. I had some business to attend to while I was in Kugane since I recently had purchased a great piece of land where my sushi bar and inn was being built. I can’t wait until it’s done! It’s been hard to make trips to Kugane lately since we’ve been busy with getting the tavern ready for the public. My husband has been in Kugane helping me out with this and since I was here, it was time to pay a visit to him. I haven’t seen him in weeks so it was nice spending some quality time with him.

When I got to the lot I noticed that they were almost done building the place. My husband met up with me there and showed me around. I was already mapping out how I wanted to decorate the place even though it wasn’t fully finished yet. It was so exciting to see my dream becoming a reality.

I spent the rest of the week working with contractors and enjoying time with my husband. Hopefully he’ll be able to come back to Ul’dah soon so we can be together more however for now I had to get to Ul’dah. I sighed as I watched Kugane get smaller and smaller from the ship before I settled into my room. Unfortunately I had to get back since I got a letter from Ganbaatar urging me to come back due to a sensitive matter that he couldn’t mention in the letter. Until next time my dear husband and Kugane.

~Maeka Amaya


Scrapz · February 21, 2021 at 3:13 am

Dang you write

    Maeka · March 8, 2021 at 7:57 pm

    Yeah I enjoy roleplaying in Final Fantasy XIV and then take those roleplays and turn them into journal entries for my character.

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