Weekend in Virginia

I know I’m late on making this post but I haven’t had time to sit down and write about it yet. It’s time to remedy that!

So from Friday September 1st through Sunday September 3rd I was in Portsmouth, Virginia visiting my best friend Rowan. I am so glad we were finally able to go up there to visit her since it’s been so long since I’ve seen her. I’ve been in North Carolina for almost seven years now and I have only seen her once during that time frame when she was flying out to Virginia and had a few hours layover in Charlotte, NC. We went to the airport to pick her up and we hung out for a few hours and then took her back to the airport.

Hubs and I drove up on Friday which was a 5 1/2 hour drive so it wasn’t too bad luckily and checked into a hotel. We relaxed for a couple hours since it was a long drive and then met up with Rowan and Sid for dinner. Afterwards we went to a bar that is near the hotel so this way we could actually drink and walk home. The bar had great choices and great prices so we had a lot to drink and spent the evening catching up on the past few years we missed.

On our way home from the bar, we were still pretty drunk. We were walking by a parking lot that went into a building and while we were talking, there was an echo. So me being me…I turned towards the parking lot and yelled “hi” into it. Next thing I know, a guy poked his head out from the doorway next to the parking lot and looked at me funny. He was on the phone. I started apologizing like crazy and he started laughing and told me it was fine. We continued walking and cracking up and I was laughing so hard to where I actually had to stop walking and finish laughing. I have a feeling that guy told his friends about that incident…like oh hey there were these 4 drunk people walking by…haha.

On Saturday we took the ferry across the river to downtown Norfolk and spent a few hours walking around the mall and grabbing lunch. Later on we went out bowling since Rowan and I used to love bowling together. After bowling we went out for dinner and then went back to the hotel for a while before we all passed out from being tired.

Sunday we grabbed breakfast with Rowan and Sid and then we started our drive back so we could get home before it got too dark. We were so tired when we got home that we didn’t do much for the rest of the day.